Control your Villagers like never before.


AdvancedTrades is a plugin, enabling you to fully customize villager trades. Introduce your own trades, disable vanilla trades, limit your new trades to specific villagers, biomes or required villager level. Supports extreme customization of items and even commands as trades.

What can you do with custom trades?

Item Trades:

Trade your own custom defined items in exchange of your own required items. Want players to obtain some enchanted armor? Maybe an item with custom model data? You can now do that effortlessly.

Command Trades:

Trade custom commands in exchange of your own required items. Just define the command in config, and start trading with villagers! This command also automatically updates for all villagers, so don't worry after if you want to do changes.

Use Cases

Custom trades for villagers can be used for many reasons. Here's a few we recommend:
  • Creating custom shops in servers
  • Generating randomly spawning villagers with custom trades
  • Changing whole villager economy from emeralds to any other currency, e.g. diamonds
  • Create more challenging trades with villagers
  • Disable vanilla trades and require custom trades to appear only
  • Trade custom items, given out by admins. These can be required in trades, e.g. custom model data, custom lore, names, NBT or even enchants
These are only a few ideas we have in mind! You can do much more.

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